The implemented traceability system complements the control, of all the growers, of the adopted organic practices, and ensures the security of the total supply chain-forward and backward - in a way that the produce that reaches the final consumer is perfectly safe. Consequently if the final consumer is ensured, then all participants of the supply chain are ensured.

Quality control:

The production process which consists of:3

  • the selection of the seed,
  • the development of young plants in the nursery of the company,
  • the plant growth in the field,
  • the timely harvest in the right way,
  • the proper postharvest management of the products,
  • the grading and packing of fresh products for the final consumer,

is monitored at all stages by the scientific - agronomical team of the company.

Instructions to the growers, residue analysis tests and continuous coaching, are the keys for safe quality products. All this is backed up by the mechanical equipment (grading machines, cold rooms, packing lines) and the adopted operation protocols as well as the third-party organizations of certification.

Last but not least, the selected packaging materials are certified to ensure the proper and safe transportation of the goods until they reach, fresh and safe, the final consumer wherever he may be.

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