ΣΗΜΑ ΕΤΑΙΡΙΑΣ2 BIANAME S.A. is an organized network of more than 220 growers of organic products that operate coordinated in the fertile land of Crete, cultivating over 60 hectares of privately owned farmland .

  • The long experience of the producers,
  • the excellent soil, the ideal climatic conditions and the abundance of water in Crete
  • the in-house nursery which ensures from the very beginning, robust and healthy plants – an element which is obviously crucial for organic farming –
  • the scientific support from both in-house agronomists and external partner organizations of certification,
  • the privately owned facilities for standardization and packaging,
  • and the embracing of good agricultural practice procedures from tillage to managing waste,

guarantee that the products produced , checked at all stages of production , are always fresh, do not harm the environment and meet the higher quality standards that require both European and International markets for organic products.

BIANAME exports over 50% of its production in the European Union.

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